This is a total lie. I followed that conversation on the Haiti...

Pascale Bien Aime - August 10 2011, 4:46 PM

This is a total lie. I followed that conversation on the Haiti mailing list and the person that suggested that and made false accusations against Lucas was a crazy american woman Marguerite Laurent.

Stanley Lucas was advocating policies to protect his fellow countrymen against the cholera bateria spread by the UN mission in Haiti.

Lucas advocated a clean water policy and asked if a vaccin was available to protect Haitians against cholera?

Marguerite Laurent went nuts and made a number of false accusations as she does usually.

She is not Haitian and she is pretending to be. She think she can decide for us and replace Haitians.

All the attacks and character assassinations efforts against Stanley Lucas is a diversion to hide Jean Bertrand Aristide occupation requests.

The former President in violation of our country constitution requested US military intervention in 1994 and UN military intervention in 1995. Since Aristide and Preval have requested a total of 11 foreign military intervention.

Aristide supporters do not like Lucas because he wrote a piece describing the illegal requests and the political and legal implications.

As a young student learning in Cap Haitian I admire Stanley Lucas and would vote for him if he decide to run for office.

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Remember he calls for the vaccination of all Haitians...


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