Remember, one of the reasons that brought Dessalines to Haiti...

Toulimen Legrand - August 10 2011, 6:16 PM

Remember, one of the reasons that brought Dessalines to Haiti was the fact he was an albinos from a black family not wanted in Africa.

He was sold as a slave and he became a house slave because of his albinos color.

All the albinos are blacks and the Creoles as called biracial mulatoes are black too. Dessalines was never a dark skinned person for the dark skinned Haitians and the mulatoes.

He was preferred into the White French army over Toussaint when they promoted him to general.

Remember, Napoleon was the one who asked Leclerc to reintegrate Dessalines into the French army after they had captured Toussaint and Dessalines betrayed them later with the French massacre for the inflicted treatments to Toussaint, Boukman and Mackandal.

Brother, I know my history and I have researched all those people.

I know what I am arguing here ok and I am not lying.

Take care!

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Toulimen you must back up your claims or speculation...


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You are probably right but I must verify your source...

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