Insecurite-Champs de Mars : La Presidence annonce des mesures

Tiba - August 13 2011, 8:05 AM

I did not write the article bellow, I stumbled on it and posted on here so everyone can analyze and arrive to their own conclusion, and as for me, here's mine: The earthquake happened on January 12, 2010 and left thousands of Haitian families without homes.

These people have been forced to sleep in shitty tents in a open park, Champ-de-Mars.

Martelly was there when it happened, and he ran for president promising help/relief to these people.

He got elected president of Haiti and sworn into office May 14, 2011.

As president of Haiti, Martelly's government turned Champ-de-Mars residents over to NGOs to deal with instead of taking their responsibility as their rightful government, and make good to his campaign pledge.

It had to take a big exhausting demonstration by the students to get Martelly's attention to this humiliation life of these people, and now he is thinking about forming a what?

A commission?

You, all, and I Know very well what that means in plain translation of commission/committee involving Haitians.

In response to all of this theatrical, imposter, mambo jumbo psychological games the government is playing with these people especially in Cham-de-Mars, it's conceiveable that the Haitian government takes some immediate actions to provide safety to the people such as: 1) Martelly should/must establishe a police station in many different areas of the camp city to provide security and safety to the people.

2) the government should/must move these people to various parts in the country while working diligently to build temporary housing in P-A-P to put them back into. 3) the government should/must reinstated death penalty and start to execute some violent and some of the most dangerious criminals.

Let's keep in mind that Haitians do not like to die in the hands of the government.

4) the government should/must create jobs so that people can have something to do and able to have an income, in order to decrease crime.

Crime and violence in Haiti are the result of the "Cause and Effect" theory.

Unemployment/chomage, poverty/hunger, despair, do cause/create crime and violence.

People are just reacting to the environment.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

These are my suggestions to the government and my conclusion.

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Insecurite-Champs de Mars: La Presidence annonce des mesures
Date: 08.12.2011

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