Martelly short changed Agent-X because Martelly did not pay...

Agent-x - August 16 2011, 8:59 PM

Martelly short changed Agent-X because Martelly did not pay Agent-X for telling him the truth.

Agent-X does not look for a check from the Martelly Administration because Agent-X is not negotiable and cannot be brought.

Agent-X despises flatters, sycophant, opportunists and "rest-cuyers."
Agent-X is Haitian first and is not affiliated to any political organization
As a Haitian, Agent-X hopes that Martelly will lead Haiti in the road of progress, tranquility, law and order for the benefits of all Haitians.

I will be the first person to notice his progress in that direction but so far he has been embarking himself in a path of arrogance, provocation and war with himself, with most Haitians and causes other nations to insult Haiti such as France, England, Argentine and Brazil in the last forty days.

When someone is the president of a country, you are supposed to be neutral, impartial and represent every group whether you like them or not.
You are supposed to be an agent and promoter of peace and unity rather than a source of discord.

You do not hatching plan to ease the assassination of your political opponents by curtailing their security apparatus;
you do not rally in your entourage the family member that used to terrorize the population such as Nicholas Duvalier who is the son of Jean Claude Duvalier, or Magalie Aldolphe-Racine the daughter of Madame Max Aldophe aka Rosalie Bosquet.

Nicholas and Magalie should not be responsible for their parent

Response to:

Agent-x,i hope you have a backup plan for yourself...


08-16-2011 Martelly will receive a 30 days ultimatum today after 5 P.M .

16 Aao

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