Alexandre, you prove your self hatred again. You want every...

Agent-x - August 24 2011, 11:43 PM

Alexandre, you prove your self hatred again.

You want every women in the world but Haitian women.

Oh boys, oh girls!
You sound like the men that go to the kafay in haiti, pick up a 30,000th hands Dominican woman, beg her to marry her or offert her a large sum of money to marry her.
Get in touch with your idol ti Michel tet canard calay because he is a certified broker in sex tourist.

He probably will nominate you as his koutier sans portefeuilles in vices because of the inherent tete calay lucrative racket in the position.

Consult also with Namphi in Dom Rep. He has a PhD in this racket.

Your job title will be attache to cultural affairs.

Your job description will be to travel around the world to recruit les femmes faciles.

You will need some 24 hours dedicated car drivers, linguists, psychologists,economists, anthropologist,
image consultants, photographers,medical doctors, corrupted police chiefs, fashion institute graduates, make up artists and a network of nightclubs, in your sordid panel.

We will arrest you for human trafficking on your very fist week because tet kanard tojou sot.

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