Bek kk, ti sousou, avadra,low face.stop talking kk stupid...

Richelle - August 25 2011, 7:04 AM

Bek kk, ti sousou, avadra,low face.stop talking kk stupid.

Martelly do not have government yet to"gaspillage"The so-called senate hold his back because they want him to look bad in the eyes of the Haitian people.What part of this game the nappy hair, dark tankou kk chabon like yourself in the senate doing you do not understand imbecile.They do not like martelly because of his light skin. Unlike prerval, boniface,ugly like aristide they do not like him.His light he wants to put haiti in the light but the dark n ugly want to keep haiti in the dark like themselves.Trop neg morn gro dwet tankou w ki pavle tounin sou morn anccor pavle haiti avance.


Martelly cent jours d'arrogance,gaspillage,ineptitude et repression

►24 August 2011 make it 100 days since the albinos start eating caviar, croissant, and filet mignon while it is...

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richele they don't like Marthelly because is the only...

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