I have realized that you believe in the supernatural power of...

Toulimen - August 26 2011, 10:39 PM

I have realized that you believe in the supernatural power of Aristide and that is why you are spreading such a vague rumor on the web. Where does he get that supernatural?

Now, Aristide and Duvalier are thinking about their safety for not being poisoned like Fignole, Jean-Claude Paul and others.

Agent-x, please focus on Haiti's problems as a dependent country instead of political partisanship.

Haiti is under the United States Protectorate and the self-contained politics of the U.S.will never allow Haiti to decide for itself.

We were labeld HIV/AIDS people and now cholera and think about what's next?

Nou mele e pep la ap soufri anpil.

Podiab Aristide, li pap ka rive di ou fe anyen pou yo nan jou sa yo. Jean-Claude Duvalier ap soufri anpil sou pwoblem pep sila a ke li we ki pi mal ke jan li te kite yo a. Kote demokrasi ki tap pale a depi 1986 jiska jodia.

Nou se sous problem nou alo se nou ki pou rezoud problem yo. Divizyon antre nou ap fe mou soufri pi red. Alo panse e repanse tande! Ke Bondye beni ou...Kote Tiba, Rev Dumaine, Richelle, Jean-Pierre e sam bliye yo. Kote Carlos ak Kamoken.

Lape avek nou tande.

Ka Ayiti tris!


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