Lucas is a great mind. He was one of the most inlfuential...

Sabine Vetiver - August 31 2011, 5:26 PM

Lucas is a great mind. He was one of the most inlfuential politician in Haiti despite the fact he does not hold an office and he is not the head of the party.

He's s broker.

If you want to get things done, call him.

He is relentless advocate of Haiti angering sometimes the foreign profiteers and those believing that Haiti is a banana republic when they can do what they want.

Lucas is hated by Haiti's corrupt business cartel, by Aristide and Preval supporters that looted government resources and foreign aid. In some quarters some corrupt diplomats do not like him either.

As a Haitian I can say that Stanley Lucas is my champion.

He is a model for many young Haitians.

Moun kap voye monte yo pa konnen jan potorik gason sa se yon moun ki tankou yon potomitan nan defans entere peyi dayiti.

Sakap rele anmwen yo se moun kap vann peyi a.

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Stanley Lucas se yon kochon min'm jan ak lot tout...


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