It is never to late Agent kk to change you unhealthy behavior...

Richelle - September 2 2011, 6:17 AM

It is never to late Agent kk to change you unhealthy behavior for the sake of yourself and those who round you if you have any around you. After reading some of you comment I go like nnn and go back to my psychological class years ago try to remember some of the explanation that my instructor gave about those kind of behavior like yours and explain the multiple interacting fact that contribute and why those behavior come to place.

It is look like you hate yourself when people do not agree with your unhealthy stupid idea because you desperate to have power over people.You keep attacking people until they let you win then you go"yes!I'm something now h or she gives up now I have the power".That tell me you brought up in a very dis-functional environment I'm not surprise why you alone also I believe you experienced jail time for beat up on woman.

I can see that from your writing the rage you in you have big problems man.I do not know you but I'm guessing you are very poor to call a psychotherapy to your place for treatment.

Think God you leave in America go cheek yourself in, in some of the government rehab again for your sake.You have no philosophy stop pretending something that you're not you think you clever think again stupid.The clever guy here in this blog is toulimen I never see where toulimen attack a woman even-though they attack him.He never used strong nasty word to nobody man or woman he knows what he's talking about in his writhing and he use good term when he writes.

He is not looking for trouble with nobody unlike you. Santi di, santi kk, ale foubi dwet pie ou cochon ding.

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Richelle, you should stay away from mirrors because...


Agent kk Agent dyol santi

You know what anro mean.Ou se neg morn epi wap di ou pa konin sa anro vle di stupid.Speaking of bleaching I'm enjoy...

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