Rachelle, the volume of mental patients I interviewed probably...

Agent-x - September 2 2011, 10:41 AM

Rachelle, the volume of mental patients I interviewed probably exceeded all the books, newspapers and magazines you read. I don't know if I interviewed you, your family member, your relatives and some of your acquaintances already.

Trust me on that. Thus, You are walking on a minefield if you chose to come on this angle.

I don't maintain correspondence with my former patients for ethical reasons.

If you have a mental record anywhere in North America, I will find out.
If you never were my mental patient, I will invite you to an introduction in yin yang. Meanwhile send Toulumin to help

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It is never to late Agent kk to change you unhealthy...


Agent kk Agent dyol santi

You know what anro mean.Ou se neg morn epi wap di ou pa konin sa anro vle di stupid.Speaking of bleaching I'm enjoy...

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Agent kk do you have a job?I can answer that for you...

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