The manchetta masters at their best.

Agent-y - September 5 2011, 3:22 AM

Early this year the chief of the Albinos in Haiti threatened the sons and daughters of Dessalines with manchette if he and his group are not elected.

He threatened to burn the country.

Now we see a division of the same predator network implementing this in Libya against Dessalines relatives.

BTW, It is the same Albinos that expect the Dessalines sons, daughters and relatives to work in their factories at starvation wages while those Albinos are leading opulent lifestyle.

On this labor day we said: Abas exploitation, Abas Privatization, Abas la misere, Abas toute Tiouls imperialist yo, Abas l'occupation culturelle et militaire, go home MUNISTAH, vive Haiti

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