My prays for Haiti

Clairep - September 8 2011, 3:31 PM

I'm writing this letter with concern and shame, Haiti has deprived its people of the respect they deserve.

Recently the media has released a graphic recording of a young Haitian man being violated and yet there has not been one acceptable procedure made to ensure safety and justice.

The "Peacemakers" who were involved in the production of this recording must be dealt with accordingly to set an example to all those watching who believe Haiti is a failed country.

I pray that the Government of Haiti will stand up for your citizens and If you cannot take on the responsibilities and honor what it takes to run a beautiful country like Haiti then you should not be in the position that you are in, because you are allowing others to control and destroy everything your people have worked for in the past. I pray that the government will not turn an eye from this tragedy but instead understand the responsibility and power that has been given to them by God and it's people to rule a country and make laws that must be enforced to protect the citizens of Haiti.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Clairep,good luck with your prayers. I think you should learn how to shoot a weapon to kill,than God will help you faster with your prayers. I am sure you can find a shooting ranch somewhere near your area. more »

Clairep says...

I am not writting to debate, if the truth hurts I cannot change that. Haiti is in a need right now and will need of the peoples help and must of all Gods help. Shooting a weapon to kill is not the answer.The officials in Haiti has done that. more »