Sophie You seem to feel very threaten by that. Should I be...

Tiba - September 9 2011, 7:01 PM


You seem to feel very threaten by that. Should I be insulted for wanting to work to change the life on my people?

People with pea brain like you always believe it's a bad thing to want to work for a government, or to want to be president, or whatever in Haiti.

Maybe you don't understand the definition of "Human Services" and what it's intailed.

To your dismay, I have the education, I have the training, I have the experience, and I have the skills for this very job. I have the drive through this kinda work to instill hope into Haitian soul and to restore integrity, didgnity, and the worth of person in the Haitian spirit once again.

But you're right to a point though.

I gotta be crazy to wanna leave my job here where I get a pretty comfortable salary, living a fairly satisfactory life where I am very appreciated by my colleagues, to go to a sharks infested society such as Haiti risking my life for nothing.

I have been criticizing all Haitian governments and will keep critizing them until they prove me wrong because I hate and have a profound disgust for incompetence and mediocrity, and thus far, that's all they have to offer to Haiti and its people, and that is unacceptable!

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