"Secretairerie aux affaires paysannes" is a new version to...

E. Reyme - September 15 2011, 7:34 AM

"Secretairerie aux affaires paysannes" is a new version to what Aristide instituted and called "Ministere de la Femme", or "Ministere des Haitiens a l'etranger".

My question to them is where is the department of agriculture, social works, or the department of foreign affairs?

Those so-called leaders do not know where the money will come from to pay for these additional services.

Mr.President, we need a department for Men affairs, a department for children, a department for drug dealers, a department for corrupt Haitians...

Do they really know what is governing?

From Aristide to Preval, and Martelly, it's all guessing...

What we really need is a self-sufficient reduced government.

Hello! At a moment the US, France, and Canada are in the red (economically), dependent countries need to cut drastically.

We cannot continue to count on the US to satisfy our budget.

We need to eradicate corruption, eliminate some ministries and departments, and start to be efficient and effective.

Resources are there, but there are no committed leaders to manage and lead the country.

Mr. president, please think creatively and act accordingly.

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With the very little primary French ability that I...




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we need also a Department for public indecent...

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