Hello Agent X and Bernadette Bernadette, I do not know if you...

Kamoken Scandinavia - September 19 2011, 4:56 PM

Hello Agent X and Bernadette

Bernadette, I do not know if you have had a chance to live in any of those so called socialist countries as they are being called in the other side of the Atlantic (I am assuming that where you are now).

Here in Scandinavia where we*strongly believe in the welfare of the majority and the supremacy of the sacrosanct idea of human happiness...it would be inconceivable to renege from paying your fair share.

( I pay almost 20% of my wage, 10 dollars for my Gas, six dollars for my 2-Litr of Coke when I crave one and I love my security, my peace, my cleanliness and my decent conversation-but I am somehow happy) Secondly Bernadette in Haiti any study of our History will show you besides that problem of color you mention, we also have some deep sitting prejudices that stem out from Africa since the import of Neg Bossale, Neg Guinen, Neg Dahomey, Neg Arrhusa and the rest. If you read the problems that King Henri Christophe ran through with Lt Richard and Co and the problem that Dessalines went though with some of the Neg Desdunes-I believe you will understand
Agent x and Bernadette It was not a mistake when we were coming up to hear in the soccer field or in the school yard or even in our Universities in Port au Prince that there were Ti Blanc, Ti rouge, Neg Marron, Neg Led(laid),Gro Diol, Diol Cochon, marabout, grimmele, fam'm jaune, ti milat and so on. This is the legacy of Colonialism.

I work for an international Organization and the Africans from Rwanda have schooled me about the genocide that happened in their Country-How the French before leaving Rwanda created the Hutus and the Tutsi tribes and divide them based on their level of melanin and the straightness of their nose...Unbelievable And until now when they arrive in our shores in Scandinavia we must be very careful of not calling one tribe another name...

X, I see your point about the downplay nature of Bernadette when it comes to the abysmal distance between what we would call a middle class in Haiti which quite frankly we have not had yet except if we were to include the diaspora but in the mean time she seems to have also downplayed the so called problem of color in our ranks
It is with great dismay and tremendous sorrow when all of us look down there in Haiti and see no hope, no future but I remain convinced that one day soon we will sit down in Champ de Mars and set forth the stones for a glorious and harmonious Haiti...

And X and Bernadette why don't you come and trancher vos differences in the Country of Hans Christian Endersen

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Frankly speaking, this class warfare in Haiti is much talked about and worn-out. This ideology has always been the...

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X and K, "down play" this topic was not my intention...

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