Aviationdisaster in Milo,Lori North of Haiti

Sdh - September 20 2011, 9:12 PM

Salsa d'Haiti flight SO112 was reported missing by the director of operations and soon after feared to have crashed.

Tortug' Air, a flight on the same path which turned around due to the bad weather, reported seeing the Salsa flight in turn as well, with a slight dip, probably due to wind shear.

They were not trying to land but busy turning around to the airport of departure to avoid the bad weather en route.

On board the 16 seat Beechcraft 99 were the Pilot in Command, the first officer and one passenger.

The UN dispatched helicopters to search for the plane and they found the crash site near the Citadel.

The crafts could not land due to the weather.

They were able however to confirm the plane's tail number and they reported three bodies.

By now the bodies have been removed and taken to hospital.

They have been ID-ed.


flash; Aviationdisaster in Milo,Lori North of Haiti

20 September 2011 18:00 hours ► Flash derniere second From combined reports,We just learned that Avion Salsa...

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