The MOUVEMENT SOLUTION REELLE (MSR) that had supported...

Mouvement Solution Reelle Msr - September 23 2011, 9:09 AM

The MOUVEMENT SOLUTION REELLE (MSR) that had supported President Martelly in the election of 2011, wanted to accompany the President in his actions while avoiding ideological confrontations of any ideas you have mentioned in your message.

Haiti is the heritage of all Haitians.

It is an overriding obligation that we have to work on its development.

That is why we propose to the President of the Republic to create a Secretariat of State Affairs Farmer.

For the other aspect that you just mentioned, you should know that the fundamental basis of the Haitian economy rests on the backs of farmers waiting for the big change.

It's a bit too strong for you, but the President, at your place would have included the idea generated by MSR.
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