MAESTRO!! Good job at the UN -

Robert Herard - September 26 2011, 5:40 PM

The kind of " CAHNGE " we all want is to be able to come down home safely we Haitians and get down into businesses or JOIN your effort to enhance the positive images of Haitians.

We are more than 2 Millions in the USA and not one Haitian company can cater to this niche.

We need investments in packing and trasnforming our agro-industrial products.

Look at how the BREAD FRUIT is a sought-after product in New-York city, apart from the delicious Haitian Mangoes - We have the national fruit of Jamaica in Haiti, the
" Ackee ", the sweet ORANGE from Plaine du Nord, Gros-Morne and so forth .These are natural tropical fruits that could be sold here in the USA.

HAT OFF to Mister Jean LEGER with the " VETIVER " in the south of Haiti and Mister Norman MULLER in the Grande-Anse with the COCOA - We were as you said " producers " back there so let's get down to ENHANCE and INCREASE PRODUCTION not only RELY on FACTORIES that do not contribute to our economic growth nor boost any value added to our GDP ...

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