Haiti needs a vigilantly group hit men of expert

Serge - September 26 2011, 7:45 PM

Dear Mr. President
My name is Serge.

I left Haiti in 1976 to immigrate here in the United States, since then unfortunately I never received a good news from Haiti, many tragedies hit the country which could have destroyed Haiti, nevertheless, the last major natural disaster that hit the country was the major evil earth-quick, which nearly erased the Island, after that all Haitians were in an obligation to do whatever it takes to rebuild and re-contract Haiti unfortunately, the very government officials, including the Senate chambers are creating a technical situation to block all avenues that could have lead to productivities.

Therefore, they cannot be dealt with any other way but the right way which is. Haiti needs a vigilantly group of expert hit men to deal with these blockers in a one by one case basic.

It seems this is the only way they would unblock the country they have had hostage.

This is from a concern Haitian citizen.

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