Carmen Shame to you That is the kind of condescending, self...

Kamoken Scandinavia - September 26 2011, 7:57 PM

Shame to you
That is the kind of condescending, self hating and plain stupid that your kind have been vociferating in this site and a true nationalist or patriot can become very irritated when reading them.
Carmentina, let me tell you something.

Do you know that those sons and daughters of prostitutes and drug dealers next to us called Dominicans have been killing Haitians now at a higher rate since we no longer have an Army?

Do you know that Haitians have been slaughtered, decapitated, humiliated, robbed, raped, spat on by those trashes because exactly, they know we do not represent any threat to them?

Carmencita, do you know that 60% of our kidnapping, rape in Haiti will be solved within the first year of returning with a professional Army or a National Guard(the way I would like to name it)?

Carmencita...this stupid argument of them having been more advanced than us since Trujillo is deswegen what we need to establish a national force capable of sending a strong signal to them that when they decapitae another of our Citizens in the streets of Santo Domingo we will makeour voices heard.

CARMENCITA, we lost close to 40000 haitians in 1937 and we have been losing since the 80...and only the restauration d'une Garde Nationale assrera notre survie en tant que Peuple.

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HAyiti pa besoin larmee pa ce ke nou pa en guerre ak...


FADH , la dignite nationale

Haiti ce pai l'ame depi neg marron jis Colonel Romain. Sak pa daco, embake. les sa-s nou ka pale de sekirite Les sa-a...

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