Usually people that are majoring in psychology and psychiatry...

Agent-x - September 28 2011, 2:03 PM

Usually people that are majoring in psychology and psychiatry have substantial mental issues in their lives in the first place and it is not by accident that Sigmund Freud was a crack head and committed suicide on September 23,1939.

This ti sousou, tic en bas and all the ti and petit that wrote the article the above article is a leech that will stab his mammy to move up or to get a position in Martelly administration.

It is not the first time this parasite tries to attack me. Now he changes his name. I have no respect for this low life that I regard as the lowliest among the lowly.


WARNING: Agent-X and Agent-Y is The Same Person

A friend of mine has brought my attention to this screen as a reseach study tool for an Graduate school essay. And let...

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