Amnesty International is the most disgusted group that is...

Tiba - September 29 2011, 5:53 PM

Amnesty International is the most disgusted group that is creating more grief and pain to the Haitian people.

First of all, I am demanding that this organization changes its name to a more appropriate name like "Persecutory International."

Isn't "amnesty" mean forgiving/waving/protecting?

If this organization was living up to its name, shouldn't they be calling for Duvalier forgiveness, waving all the charges against him and provide him with protection?

And therefore, should this crony organization call/demand/and encourage a campaign of RECONCILIATION instead engaging in prosecution and persecution of Haitians?

Personally, I do have a big beef with the Duvaliers.

I think they are all pigs and disgusted, heartless, and pure evil but what are we going to get from prosecuting him?

This will only satisfy the so-called "Amnesty International."

Beside, since the Amnesty International wants/is going after Jean-Claude, why don't they go after Preval, Aristide, and all the ones who came before and after Jean-Claude?

As far as I am concerned, everyone who has occupied the National Palace was engaged in some kind of killing spree of the Haitian people.

Martelly needs to come up with a plan for National reconciliation and have all of these former leaders involved on some kind of reparations to the country and to the Haitian people.

Unfortunately, this is where leadership would come into play and we all know this is a non-existence quality in Haitian politicians.


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