Association des Criminals Et Duvalierists Haitien Festival

Agent-x - September 30 2011, 8:38 AM

The Association of Criminals and Duvalierists Haitians is a nonprofit organization geared for the mutual support for the macoutes and former FADH and their families.

The Association is congratulating his devoted members on this blog that continue to write for the reintegration of macoutes and the ex-FADH in Haiti.

The Association will held its first fund raising the last week of December 2011 to raise monies to support the family of former criminals, tonton macoutes, Duvalierist FADH members and their families.

Tickets cost $ 135- per person and $ 245- for couples.

We are expecting to see you in imposing numbers.

Buy your tickets early to avoid last moment glitches.

You have a strong incentive to be there because Jean Claude Duvalier and Presi-dent a vie pou tout temps will be there.

We have to be vigilant like the guinea fowl and reinforce our solidarity because we have too many enemies in the Haitian community and around the world.

Those enemies our beloved leader, Dr. Francois Duvalier used to call them Anarchists, apatrides, extremists, Kamokins, terrorists, fauteur de troubles communists and Castroists.

Those people are very powerful around the world and we are no match to fight them now.
We are keeping a low profile by not announcing the exact date and location we will have the party because we don't want to be the victims of ["rat baptismal" or "bapteme rat" refers to Nemours Jean Baptiste song] as it was done by Antonio T.H. Kebreau under Francois Duvalier.

So, you know who to contact for the tickets on this blog.
Protocol to attend the party:
Be prudent like papa doc. Do not wear long tie wear bow tie just in case they raid our place, they won

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