Join the Opposition Against Illiteracy and Misery

Ronald Altieri - October 1 2011, 7:54 AM

Senator Steve Benoit has joined the opposition against Presidcent Martelly, and that funny idea as forced me to believe that ti benoit wants to make a name for himself, and is exposing just how intelligent he is. Bravo steve!
But fortunately some of us are well aware that intelligence without common sense is simply non-sense.

Briefly, let us think a little bit, and ask ourselves:
1) Where was ti benoit when all the stuff was going on with Preval and the constitution?

2) Where is steve now, when the nation and the President's cabinet want to know what happened to almost $4, 000, 000, 000.00 Billion US dollars already donated to Haiti from the foreign promised funds?

3) Where is senator benoit everyday with thousands of your people contracting cholera?

4) Where is ti benoit on the issue of young girls in Haiti - some as young as 8 years being raped across the country?

5) Where is ti steve on the contitutionality of Minustha being paid by money that can help to feed starving Haitian children?

6) Where is steve on the issue of Free Education for the nation as stipulated in the constitution?

7) Senator benoit tell us how exaclty how you have helped anyone to eat a little something in Haiti with your more than $10, 000.00 a month salary?

8) Where are you senator, the nation of Haiti can not see you.
I have a borotherly advice for you steve: JOIN THE OPPOSITION AGAINST ILLITERACY AND MISERY.

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