Peace is possible in Haiti if and only if

Agent-x - October 1 2011, 5:42 PM

Haiti currently appear like a sac of crabs and harmony is not possible at this point of time.

Agent-X recommends the following steps to restore order, tranquility and prosperity:

1- Aristide should become the Premier Minister of Haiti.

2- Activation of obligatory military service for Haitians between the ages of 15 to 70 y/o.

3- Distribution of five million of rifles for the Haitian to defend Haiti in case of invasion and to prevent the elite from using foreign forces to toppled the president.

We need an umbrella of mobile antiaircraft.

4- We need a battery of motorized fishing boat to expand the fishery industry in Haiti for uses in local consumption and to export the surplus; those boats will be using as coast guards.

5- We need tractors for the expansion of the Agriculture and reforestation of the country.

;those tractors should be easily converted as military tanks is case of invasion.

6- We need a marathon to send one million of computer to Haiti for the purpose of education.

7- increase exportation reduce importation by developing local market

8- We need a sophisticated intelligence service by the best and the brightest including mercenaries in Dominican Republic, Jamaica,France, Canada,Great Britain, Bahamas,USA, Mexico.

9- There is no need to pay the ex military back pay because all of them have been working in various sectors since Aristide let them go. So why the Haitian should give them double pay for doing nothing [Refers to Webert Sicot "Toucher deux fois"]

10- Judicial system must be strengthened in every aspect in Haitian life. we must have strong laws to prevent people from misusing the rifles in domestic disputes, revenge and other unintended uses other than the country defense.

11-Secondary school student will be used as primary school teacher for night school.

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James Deyork says...

Only a fanatic of Aristide will dream of this absurdity. This is not possible for many reasons. Aristide people and Martelly people are lait ak citron ou chien ak chat because of social class interest. The American will never let that happen because more »

Agent-x says...

James, it is time for you and everyone to understand that: ►Aristide is the Messiah from GOD to the Haitian People. ►Repent all you sinners and fall down and worship Aristide. ►Keep a picture of Aristide in your home and be more »

Agent-x says...

The text in the following paragraph was written apparently by an imposter and a "religious nut" because it is incongruous with Agent-X philosophical and political views. Agent-X is precise and concise or straight to the point whereas this mutant an more »