changes in hitian life style sociaty

Joseph Vallon - October 4 2011, 9:34 AM

Bravo President.

Mr Joseph M. Martelly for the children to go to school.

we need our industries com back in function, like sugarcan, flour,ciment, metal/aciery D'haiti, Munista must go, our haitian mem can be our soldiers.

Dear President your excelency must uprise the ivels in our society, religious vodoo, witchchraft mason ect...,because many are dead by persecute them by jealousy or wanted to they flesh.such of practic equal gangs.

Thank you very much Mr the president.Weed to remove hatred among us so, we can be bless aech orther.

cange money laondring in polical parties, and if youi want to do licence plate registration you have to give someone money to it for you, any paper we need in public office, if that can stop, we will be mor polite to aech individual.

we need to set aland prise, haiti'landprises be come to costly, every body has their own prise.wee need also speed limit for our auto zone, stop signs in the intersections give priority to pedestrians, traficklight.

police watchmen.Maysome good idears through these concern for the republic of haiti.

thank you so much for reading my exhibit.

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