Teachers of The Future Generation

Ronald Altieri - October 5 2011, 11:23 AM

Mr. President,

Congratulations, on the Prime Minister being ratified; 17 yeses with 3 nos deserves more than a bravo.

I suppose the 9 neutrals are good for the edge that is needed in the balancing dance of politics.

We hope that Mr. Rouzier and Mr. Gousse will somehow play a role in your administration, even if it be as consultants.

As politics is politics - not that i know much about it - i suppose the best decision must have been made in order to avoid a worst situation for the nation.

Again bravo, on Mr. Conille's ratification.

Your immense responsibility to try to turn the light on Haiti's future by planting a progressive seed for a better day is admired by more than you know. My non-Haitian friends see the initiatives of your agenda as not only programs good for Haiti, but that they can also be used as a model around the world; where the same issues exist on differnt levels or perspectives.

But now to the reason why i started to write these words.

I hope there will sometime in your schedule in the future to meet with all the teachers in the country, or their union representatives, and clearly articulate on how important their job is toward the future of the nation.

As we all know, the restructuring of the Haitian psyche, as it relates to helping to plant a new self-image and more vibrant spirit in the minds of the Haitian youth is the most importance task.
With the teachers carrying the light of your vision for Haiti's future; namely, to help instill in the minds of the youths that there is the seriously vital need to take more of a responsible approach towards our Motherland, our environment and ourselves.

I dare to say that in such approach there will be a change of attitude, which will certainly leed to a more harmonious society and less security in the future.

And equal importance is that we would like to see more diplomatic contact with Rwanda, by which civil strife's story i believe we Haitians can learn so much from.
We know that you can not change Haiti alone, but you have already done more in trying to change the nation than many could have expected.

Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for your vision for Haiti.

We salute you!
May God continue to bless you for Haiti.

Ronald Altieri

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