we need 10 govrnors in haiti fr haiti to progress

Lautre Niveau - October 5 2011, 5:39 PM

Time for us to dessentralized the country it has taken to long we need 10 governors for each department with their own headquaters we need to changed that old constitution that has hold haiti back for the last century .We could have the president selected the 10 governors or we could have electoral college to go an election if everybody is serious about haiti development should work hard to make this dream a reality let us continue to progress haiti forward.

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Tiba says...

Oh my god! 10 governors for what? I thought Haiti had only 9 departments? Do you want 10 governors just so there will be one on standby just in case...? more »

Jonas Theodore says...

HI how we doing? Let's make sense explain yourself;Haiti the last census i think their'were 11.5 millions people and we need 100 governors?and also i don't if you remember how big is the land.Please reply Jonas more »

Yvrance Unelus says...

Congratulations, I support your idea, Haiti really needs 12 governors, 3 governors for each department. Those governors will work and solve the problems of their boroughs under the supervision of the President. They will meet with the President on a more »