Bernadette I do agree with all your points for a real world...

Toulimen - October 6 2011, 11:46 PM

Bernadette I do agree with all your points for a real world.

What do you do with the U.S. Presence as a destabilizing force with its criminal CIA gangs in Haiti.

They are in Haiti to make Haiti worst so Haiti can restore it's army to buy guns from them. If Haiti refuses to buy guns from those criminal republican Americans, there could be no peace in Haiti.

The United States is responsible for those criminal activities in Haiti and they will stop once we accept to restore the army and purchase guns from them. The United States is the one to blame since 1862 for corruption and political mess in Haiti.

We should restore the army for the U.S. Gangs to stop killing people in Haiti.

The African-American Haitian elite like Baker is managing those gangs on behalf of the US republicans.

No army, you will always have killing, corruption and political divisions in Haiti because the United States is the destabilizing force after France.

Tell me how you will get out of this mess. US destroys our agriculture, economy and everything to sell us chemical foods and many Haitians will die of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, weak immune system, cancer, diabetes and many more to name a few. Tell me how you can get Haiti out of this vicious cycle.

No army, the United States will destabilize Haiti more. Enough is enough Bernadette and what can you with those evils?

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