Haitian Vitamin-News 9 october 2011

Agent-y - October 9 2011, 5:29 PM

◙The News for the weekend of October 9th 2011 is apparently uneventful.

Our staff continues to investigate the Haitiano-Dominicana Martelly's paternity case in Dominican Republic.

◙Agency-X-1804 is asking the public to send any pertinent information regarding the "Martelly Rose Milice","his extrajudicial death Squad" and his "Intelligence Services".

We will release a special e-mail address within 72 hours for those who have any information regarding Martelly criminal actions.

►Dominican Republic told Washington to practice what it preaches by doing more for the impoverished Haiti.



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Agent-y says...

An addendum to Haitian Vitamin-News for 9 October 2011. This is the case of history amnesia. Sure, he "sailed the ocean blue." But history long ago recorded other facts: his demands for gold, his use of torture, his kidnappings, and his implementa more »

Agent-y says...

We are resubmitting this link because it was broken: "Revenant" Pat Robertson needs to confess his sins to Aristide A.S.A.P. more »