Let be real about the Army What will be the risks and benefits...

Makandal - October 9 2011, 10:38 PM

Let be real about the Army

What will be the risks and benefits of a new Army.


1- Jobs ( can reach about 35.000 haitians easily )
2- Security, not just Port-Au-Prince ( police )
3- Overt disoccupation of Haiti by foreign troupes.

4- Re inforcing the law. Without back up the law is meaningless
5- Army corp of Ingeneering ( maintenance of State constructions )
6- Army Medicine ( best trauma, surgical and first emergency )
7- Army disaster response team ( may help not only Haiti )
8- Reforestation, large evacuations, construction rules.

9- For sure, foreign forces will not rape young boys and girls
9- The best defence of Haiti is its Army.


1- Army involved in Politics.

Haiti have long been victimized
( politician with gun and KaKi fatigue = coup d'etat )
2- No respect for civilian population ( Senat, Parliament )
(legislative, executive branches or electoral processes.)
3- Corrupted army leaders = anarchism and abuses.

The same
as senators may kidnapped a country with false interpreta
tion of the constitution, the army may kidnapped the country
with guns.
4- Not being able to monitor the Army transactions.

5- Army defending the power, not the nation borders, not the people.

6- The cost of the army is significant, Yes Haiti can affort it.
7- If army is not necessary, why we have the minustha?

Army is definitly indispensable in Haiti or any other country.

Now the big QUESTION.

How to benefit from and reduce
potential risks of an Army in Haiti?


The Army must be restored to restored order

Haiti is a very fragile state you never know what to expect insecurity remain rampant the country need some type of...

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