Haitian Vitamin-News 11 October 2011-Part-A

Agent-y - October 11 2011, 6:17 AM

11 October 2011► Haitian News-Vitamin
The Martelly camp is embarking itself in a cascade of Intrigues and perfidious maneuvers during the formation and composition of the new government in Haiti.

Such maneuvers will undermine the political stability in Haiti and will obliterate democracy there.

Martelly's plan for a new Haitian military stirs heated debate

Foreign Policy Association ►Haiti: Martelly and National Press Spar over Controversial Comments

HAITI: Minustah

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Agent-y says...

11 October 2011-This is the balance of the Haitian Vitamin news for part-A. Pay special attention to the article regarding the United Nations Peace keeping force in Ivory Coast. Haiti's Stalled Recovery-- Monday, October 10, 2011 more »