This is the problem with the Haitian people, see how you jump...

Richelle - October 12 2011, 9:53 AM

This is the problem with the Haitian people, see how you jump into conclusion critizing toulimen for his idea about the so-called Haitian leaders.Although, what is your idea for your homeland.

I know some haitian have no problem with the situation Haiti is in. Aslong they are in the back of a restaurant working low pay job, washing dishes, with no respect and believe that's life. Because Haiti don't have nothing better to offer them. After high school, went to university, nothing else no job and therefore they have no choice, but coming to america dealing with one rejection after another.

While the haitian leaders have gotten rich with the country fortune.this is what we are debating here.Not how to act like a second grader, piking on other at the school playground, wich you did here. Furthermore, Haitian leaders are too ignorant to realize the importance of Haiti.Toulimen, stated that "they are not smart enough",toulimen give them too much value by saying that.Not smart emough perhaps they somehow smart, but Haitian leaders are not smart at all they are bunch of idiot.Because, I don't see what exactly those dogs done for Haiti, for me to say they are somehow smart.God bless America for people like you, who can Have a computer or go the library to ataack other who's stand for the good cause.

I assume you're Haitian, that leads me to ask you some quetions:what do yo think about Haitian leaders from your prospective?

do you think they do good job for the country and the people from your prospective?

what do you think we hatian as a Nation should do to break the vicious cycle of poverty and dependency?.Those questions are not stupid question therefore, you have to give smart me what you have, besides showing your ignorance on Martelly's blg.

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