The question is whether or not the Haitian government want to...

Marjorie Middy - October 12 2011, 2:19 PM

The question is whether or not the Haitian government want to go into a war against poverty once and for all. The answer is most probably no; Because it is not to their advantage.

They get free and ready money for themselves and their family.

They are grossly overpaid.

What incentives do they have to change anything?

Haiti said that a Nation of beggars is not for Haiti and Haitians.

In that case Haiti has got to get in the job creation and community development mode.
Somebody recently said something very clever, I believe it was Bernadette who said "legalized drugs in Haiti" and all hell will break loose because drugs will not be "tabu" anymore and proper taxes can apply and in the process retrieve Haiti's help to the terrorists.

Haiti can open its door to a 24-hour Gay marriages and or divorces like the DR did in the 1970's. Business was booming while lasted.

Retreats for people who are recovering from illnesses including substance abuses.

The point is to create fast money, do some social good, without a disbursement of large start-up capital.

The production of ethanol is big business, Haiti should position itself to take advantage of it. Haiti has got the sun, production of sugar cane and corn like Brazil is doing.

Their number one client is the USA.
Another easy business for Haiti would be the production of solar panels as it retained solar energy for the consumption in Haiti and other countries.

These avenues are wide open and above all is no competition so far.
Haitian government is a totally different story.

The government should undergo a complete reform to purge out what contributes to corruption, inefficiency; What helps with transparency, accountability, proper skills for appropriate jobs, continuing education to the public servants as a way to horn more professionalism in their respective careers.

Civic courses as it relates to duties cannot be emphasized enough.

It is a must!

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