haiti job I need to work in the justice post or police force

Sadira Colonel - October 12 2011, 8:40 PM

hi mr president and mr premier or vc president
my name is sadira colonel I need to come back to haiti but I want to work in haiti justice post or in the police of haiti.

this is my experience, 1993 I came to u.s. I went to coconut creek high for four years and went to broward sheriff's explorer police academy for four years came as bso guad and went to nsu for building trades printreading-
for heavy commercial construction.

now I'm working for lcf management in ft lauderdale.

my # 9547295876 please let me know if you will give me a job.only in haiti justice fonction or haiti police force because these parts need to fix for haiti to come the way you want it. mr president.

I will use all my academy to fix haiti justice with you.my email is .sadiracolonel at att.net.thank you I wait for your call or your reply.

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W Michel says...

You sound hungry too hungry I wouldn't hire you. LoL if I were you I would check mc donald in Florida for a job. more »