Good job Marjory, but you know I don't waste my time answering...

Toulimen - October 12 2011, 10:04 PM

Good job Marjory, but you know I don't waste my time answering empty barrels.

As explained Richelle, some people like the old way of doing business in Haiti.

They have no emulation feeling to do better by holding everyone accountable.

They love corruption so much and they don't see the need to see a developed economy there.

The so-called civilized world would love to divide us forever by perpetuating a cycle of subserviency as cherished by political and economic elites of Haiti.

In this subserviency cycle, all whites educated or not are their masters.

It is sad for Haitians because their Founding Fathers died in vain. Look at how America cherishes their Founding Fathers at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

What's the difference between Georges Washington and Dessalines both were freedom fighters and very good snipers or killers in the old world.

Why should I demonize Dessalines and praise Georges Washington?

What's the difference between Moses, Aaron and Dessalines?

All three of them were liberators of their people in the old world.

Why should I demonize Dessalines to praise Moses or Aaron and when we know all three of them were killers to free their people from all types of slavery.

You have provided very good economic advices to advance the Haitian causes, but Haitian political leaders are not listening to us and that is why Haiti continues to be what it is. Marjory, I am tired of Haitian politics and I feel speechless.

Take care and may God bless you and Richelle! Just keep up with the good work.

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