Michel Martelly has done his mea culpa to President Aristide

Agent-y - October 13 2011, 8:20 AM

13 October 2011 Special reports from Haitian Vitamin-News

The first picture below is among the photos of Martelly crying while he was doing his mea culpa to Aristide.

Our photo analysis technicians and social scientists will scrutinize those pictures to determine whether the tears were genuine display of emotion or Martelly probably used small amount of tears gas or onions to convey the impression that he was crying.

Rumors have it that Aristide gave Martelly a towel to dry up his tears.

One notorious US tabloid is willing to pay two millions US dollar for the towel to verify this rumor.

The tabloid will have DNA experts and chemist analysis to test the towel for trace of Martelly DNA and possible onions residue.

Another rumor claimed Masonic handshake and passwords were exchanged between Martelly and Aristide.

Another rumors claimed the De facto president of Haiti instructed his vice president, Mr. Martelly to meet immediately with former president Aristide.

Facts: French and Canadian press ignored the Martelly-Aristide Meeting and we know why.
Other less dramatic of Martelly pictures with Aristide

Haiti's Martelly and Aristide says it's time to work together

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