Touleman or whoever you are, There are very few people who...

Brian Andrew - October 13 2011, 4:13 PM

Touleman or whoever you are, There are very few people who continuously make sense on this blog and a very good one of them is Bernadette.

I sometimes wonder why she wastes her time on this blog because so few will truly understand where she is coming from. You Touleman is a good example.

If you don't understand a topic, why don't you just ask her to simplify her view point for you?

Your country needs good educated citizens and people like you are driving them away. This is one of Haiti's top problems.

Simpletons like you think they know it all. My country should watch carefully where our tax payers money goes. Our people work very hard for they money.

I would hate to see my government throw our money on people who can't help themselves and are always criticizing us for one thing or another.

We don't need you. There are other countries who can use our help and be grateful to us.

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