This message is from Cacique Henri you Brian Why you are...

Cacique Henri - October 13 2011, 6:32 PM

This message is from Cacique Henri
you Brian Why you are attacking people on this blog and you keep putting your nose in Haitian affairs.

Leave us alone will you m.f. When you said, "There are very few people who continuously make sense on this blog and a very good one of them is Bernadette.", Who cares since we don't know your current economical arrangement with her. Why you in particular keeps coming on this blog to waste your mindless time?

It seems that you like it. That is why you keep coming back for more and that what you will continue to receive.

Go show your dim brilliance on the American university websites if you want to know the true size of your pin head.
Do not reply to this message because I don't want to hear from punk and malproprete like you.

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