Brian, you are wrong. Your remark was geared toward Toulimen...

Cacique Henri - October 13 2011, 11:02 PM

Brian, you are wrong.

Your remark was geared toward Toulimen but I, Cacique Henry, chose to give you a reply because your racist diatribes and disparaging remarks are mostly geared toward the Haitian men. It is not the first time that you have the audacity to attack Haitian men on this blog. An attack against a Haitian man is an attack toward all Haitian men and will entails a global response.

We will not allow effeminate man like you to disrespect real men. Our women don't sleep with another woman on the same bed with us. Our women don't spend night out with other women for sexual purpose.

This is what we call respect.

I Cacique Henri, highly suggest that you should go to the Irish blog to find your ethnic group, your matches and queers like you.
If you think that you are a man, prove it by not returning to this site.

Cacique Henri.

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Cacique Henry aka touleman, you have proved my point...


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