Cacique Henry - Touleman, First of all, I kept telling you...

Brian Andrew - October 14 2011, 12:05 PM

Cacique Henry - Touleman, First of all, I kept telling you that internet is public, not private.

Where do you come from telling me what I can and cannot watch in my own country.

The dialect, diatribes am sure are epithets that belong to you. Your answer was very direct to me, let me remind you in case you have selective amnesia: you people are always having a vendetta against the other one, you are always on a perpetual coup d'etat with your country.

You don't get along with your females.

you treated them badly.

You marry them after they bore you 15 children and even then, you have few mistresses on the side for money that they can give you and new cars and shirts.

You took poorer little boys and girls in your house you make them work like slaves and you also sexually abused them. I never see such animosity against one group of people against other from the same country.

It is mind boggling.

No wonder you wish others don't read your blogs.

I would be ashamed too, it that blogs were about my people.

You tell me, Where is precisely the honor among men that you are talking about?

Perhaps in your desillusioned mind. Your women are treated worst than animals, you used them and dropped them and sometimes worst you cut them to pieces with machetes and the have them for dinner.

You do not deserve to call yourselves MEN.
In fact, you are disgusting.

Stay loose.

PS: The Webster Dictionary defines the word "Queer" as a stupid person which described you perfectly well.

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Brian, you are wrong. Your remark was geared toward...


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