the end of coup D 'Etat in haiti

Lautre Niveau - October 14 2011, 7:01 PM

coup detat is not possible in haiti anymore coup detat pas alarmode encore we have to remmenber these criminal who make us suffer so much these coup plotters should have been punish but the get away just because the systems so corrupt there is no way in my heart we should have any forgiveness for these people for what the done to us just because of them were force to abandoned our tradition let us pray for these criminal.

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Makandal Neg Mancho says...

There have been 37 (thirty seven) coup d'etat in the history of Haiti ( from 1804 ) Don't be so exided yet. Today we, the DIASPORA is having an impact in Haiti's life. Let Push for the changes you are appreciating. First, We need to be more »