about tourism electricity and the new army

Frantz Michel - October 15 2011, 6:31 PM

Congratulation Mr President TET KALE Michel Martelly Sweet Micky we welcome you one more time as a new president of our beautiful country Haiti wish used to call the pearl of the Caribbean and we believe you Mr president will take of us the haitien peoples back to work back business security //God willing //the change I want to see in haiti is healthcare for all haitien peoples job creation security electricity and we can't have a country without an army came in who will protect the environment when natural disaster take place who will fight drug trafficking etc
I want to see kids back to school to much kids rise on the street that need to stop
I want child abuse to stop inside school cause the teachers still allow to bit up children inside the classroom in Haiti that slavery mentality should go as soon as possible
Thank you Mr President

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