plea of a haitian

Ernso Moise - October 16 2011, 2:23 AM

Mr President
first of all i want to tell u that i am a huge fan of sweet micky, way more than u could ever imagine.

when u said u were gonna run for office, i was kind of no, no! i think u would want to know why?

the haitian politic scene is for people who knows it, and i know u did not know it too well. i know u have a big heart and u always want to help, but haiti is a jungle, haitian politicians are the worst people u could know, we were demonstrating together in 2003 and u know what happened after that.
understand sir now u are the president, whether u like it or not, u had chosen to deal with those people, i don't expect u to complain or to act the way u are now, u know better than that, u can't deny it.
i do know it's a difficult job, but don't let sweet micky taking over ur power, this is the time for michel martelly to be president and sweet micky to retire or taking a break, anyway i will want to dance the band again.

to finish, i want u to know, i believe in u, i need u to be a strong president, just focus on ur goal, ur desire to provide a great future for the children.

don't be distracted by the haters, don't give them the pleasure that they are enjoying now. we know real democrats, i know moise jean charles is not one, we remember his stands when he was the mayor of milot, when he thought he could prevent people from taking the street against the dictatorship of aristide.

please respect the constitution, i would be devastated if this parliament found something against u, they can constitute a bogus high court of justice against u.

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