Agency-X-1804 Staff Special report

Agent-y - October 18 2011, 7:25 PM

Agency-X-1804 staff is experiencing a setback because our chief editorialist, Agent-X was transferred from the recovery room to ICU earlier this morning.

Families and friends are in imposing numbers at his bed side.
This unexpected development hampers the functioning of our staff.

Consequently, we were unable to "bring you up to speed" regarding the latest development on current issues and the "sparrow-wacko "temper tantrums.

We hope to resume our operation Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile Doctor Feel Bad e-mailed us the following reports from Dominican Republic:
The Dominican Lawyer Juan Carlos Acosta is working on the Haitian-Dominicana paternity case.

As part of that process, the young Patrick Alfredo Martelly Martelly Garo living in the community of Los Cocos Barahona, intended to undergo a DNA test.

According to record obtained by Lawyer Acosta, Patrick Alfredo Martelly Martelly was born on May 9 year in Petion-Ville, Haiti in 1990 later in the year 1999 his mother moved to the coastal community of Los Cocos Township Enriquillo, Barahona jurisdiction, Dominican Republic.

His mother Magdalena Samboy Garo, now deceased, he confessed that his real father is the current president of Haiti, Michel Martelly.

Action to be taken:
To that end, Juan Carlos Acosta, Garo Martelly lawyer, began a process that through Dominican Foreign Ministry sent a sheriff act requiring Martelly be tested.

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