Unquestionable Leadership of President Martelly!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 21 2011, 11:41 AM

My Haitian brothers,

Should be told the nation to remain vigilant against the bad anti democracy of our dear Haiti.

Time arrives or we should make a policy based on social psychology and cognitive of a Haitian who has the good will to renew the virtue of our former heroes who have fought for respect, freedom, dignity, and the opportunity for all.

President Martelly has just prove once more that the Haitians are men and women whose hearts are always open to the people and for the nation.

He wanted to eliminate among Haitians love to hate them, betray, destroy, and an end to the opposition of expenses and ideas which is a sacred Act.

Why predecessors did not even try to make or attempt to do unite and reconcile the leaders, the people, and the bourgeois of a true sense of community.

But, unfortunately, they were all blind by love of power growing them always to create a vacuum of instability that a result would to their favor.

Dear brothers and sisters Haitians, A people that forgets its history is always a negative repetition.

It is possible to take a vertical turn to walk with the people and the nation.

Now, the time comes or real Haitians must make the difference.

Is it not possible for the predecessors to give to the nation and the people a papal excuse for their mistakes and errors during their governance?

Is it not possible that Haitian leaders recognize that they were void and anti-humanist?

Why the war of power among us reigns and divides our flag, pride, and national sovereignty?

Now it is time to learn to live for promoter peace, security, justice, equality, opportunity, and social and economic justice for each Haitian internal or external.

That the amendment of the Constitution guaranteed every Haitian voting, election, and participation in the internal politics of Haiti.

That parliamentarians by terminals of mind for routine are the brothers of the native land against the direction for fear that their education, discipline, principles, science, and technology acquired; them that do not allow interns the chance to occupy no function, it is erroneous ca to think about it. Our leaders must be able to lead with integrity of heart while avoiding the words of discourse satisfying and fallacious to hallucinate the people in their favor and against the nation.

I swear before God and before the nation will never betray the Haitian nation while remaining an activist of human rights against the critics and opportunists who want has any award show their power.

A day like today history will speak about this Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine

President Martelly, the progress of this great work is necessary to give a new character to our country.

That your belief goes further than no one had ever wanted to do and think for the country.

This generation is available to serve the Haitian nation, a wire cost it would be a to move the country on all levels possible; total and full participation is the solution.Yes we can do better with our heart and soul to lead Haiti in this millennium for success.

A nationalist baise and patriotism to all!

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