Stop that Politic of Division & hypocrisy!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 21 2011, 1:19 PM

The most psychological defragmentation in the Haitian system is the tactic of the mafia to divide the Haitian people among themselves and to reign to impose and secure their misery.

President Martlelly is Executive chief of the nation and all Haitian.

The truth is that many people are afraid to speak and tell the truth for fear of being promoting a democracy in Haiti.

When is the last time that Haiti ever elected a President or a mafia without the support of the International Mafia?

When is the last time that Haitian ever have the chance to make their voice be counted?

It is time for all Haitians to stop fooling themselves with those who want to fuel division and anarchy.

President Martelly whether chosen by the right wing or left wing or even by the people is making history for the first time a Haitian President is doing all possible right thing to reverse the curse of the devil has put in our country for the last two hundred years and more so. He is trying to reconcile the Aristide, Duvalier, Avril, Cedras Namphy and all others likewise no other so called international black-market and seller of country never attempted to do in their entire period of governance.

Let parallel the USA and Haiti their politics have different strategic in term of Geography, demography, economy, and proliferation; however, the new elected president would never attempt to justify any mean against the predecessor.

In the last fifty years, the Duvalier

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