Mr president we the Haitian people voted change

Frantz Michel - October 26 2011, 9:51 PM

A lot of us died by gunshot all over the country
Death need to stop with this new government seriously
We need law and order 100 percent security
The police nationale are wick we can't trust the police
Without an army Haiti will ever b a peaceful country
We don't want to see what happened between 2002 and 2004
Kidnapping, burning, riots, koupe TET and etc
Remember what happened in cite soleil, bel air, martissant, anba lavil, gran ravin I mean all over the country yeah you guys remember no one could go to none of theses place between 2002 and 2004 so we the new generation don't want to see theses behaviors ever again in our country and remember the police were there when all theses craziness happened yeah so the only way Haiti can be a better place is to bring law and order wish can only archive by the army trust me
We welcomed you Mr president Martelly great job
Time for our country to change we had annorth
Every man as a right to decide he's own destiny so Mr Martelly you are the president of Haiti our country so you decide for us the Haitian people ok
One love for the haitian people
May God bless you Mr president Martelly TET KALE

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