Haiti Must apply the Law to Everyone!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 28 2011, 10:22 AM

For Decades Haiti has have a vacuum of law and it becomes the lawless country in the hemisphere.

President Martelly is not a dictator nor populist and neither Grand manjeur.

The President is willing to change how the law applies in Haiti, it used to be for the poor and street beggar, but now the law must apply first to the Executive, Judiciary, the Legislative, and the people in any civilized country.

When a poor guy has been taken by the police beaten, kicked, and even killed the media and all other sectors never said anything about it. That is why my voice is equal, fair, and balances for everyone.

No one is above the law of the land.

If Haiti can continue this path with equal justice to all, then sure it will be free and move to the highest standards.

It is time to make the difference between opportunists and a sound ethical person.

When you read something in the Internet, blog, or anything keep in mind to study the author first of all and to give the merit to continue or not.


Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, The International Voice for social and economic just

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Toulimen Legrand says...

That is a great analysis on your part Reverend Dumaine. No one should be beaten up for stealing, protesting or being caught up in a wrongful act as you state it. The law should follow its course and it should be applied to anyone whether one may be p more »

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

Hi Mr. Toulimen, I has been a very long time that I had not been heard you. We may not ne agree in all our statements; however, the message must be unique for equality of social and economic justice. It is a warning to every leader in any count more »