VIV Jean Claude Duvalier ayiti te bel a pouvwal la

Frantz Michel - October 29 2011, 5:19 PM

These u thing Icc should process a plan him
Should find out more about our history
I thing the Icc should bring to justice theses who created
Illegal war where millions innocent civilians die
Including children and pregnant woman
Haiti was a peaceful with the Duvalier government
100 us was 100 haitian dollar remember now look
100 us its 800 haitian dollar came in now my haitian people
Since Former president jean Claude left the country
Back in 1986 by the protesters ignorant who know
Nothing about politic empire make us the generation suffer
Icc live the Duvalier family alone please
And I want the UBS to give back the frozen money
Make justice in your Own land first Icc we not stupid no more
We the new generation know what time is it

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